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Kid City encourages students: Claim your education!

Kid City was founded on the idea that higher education is the surest pathway to economic stability, but that pathway is filled with financial and institutional obstacles. Kid City cultivates student leadership and self advocacy so that participants move past barriers to claim their education. Along the way, they become engaged, effective leaders, committed to clearing the path to high education for others.

Friends and supporters, students and alumni -- all of you in our Urban Foundation and Kid City family are on our minds and in our hearts. It has been a tough time for everyone. Including Kid City. Students and families have been hard hit, and although our Kid City programs are going strong (online), like many others, our income has been reduced substantially by factors related to the pandemic. 

In the midst of this, we have launched a new Kid City Hope Place website. Please check it out to see all the latest blog posts from Kid City. There are some wonderful new stories curated by Christy Illescas, Communications and Development Coordinator, and blog posts from interns and participants.

Due to income loss at First United Methodist Church of Los Angeles, Kid City's sustaining supporter for its first 12 years, Kid City has lost 20% of its annual income. Please consider helping Kid City rebuild this loss of income by becoming a member with a regular, automatic monthly donation