Thank you for the memories Katherine!

Katherine.jpgAs I reach my last day at Kid City, I am leaving a piece of my heart there. I was here for almost a year, but I felt like I have been here longer. Kid City has taught me many things, one of them being true to myself. I have learned that it is okay to make mistakes and that mistakes do not define who you are, but what you do to fix them. Being the first Social Work Intern from USC, I have listened to many students and their stories. They come from many different backgrounds, but regardless of that, they are strong and are still fighting to be something big in life. Although I am older than some of the students at Kid City, they have taught me to be strong and for that I look up to them. I hope that as I leave, Kid City stays the same warm, safe haven for students to find support. Last, but not least, I want to say “Thank You” to Laura, Alma, and Anne for always supporting me and my ideas. You are the backbone of why Kid City is so great! I hope to come back soon and visit every single one of you. Thank you again for welcoming me with open arms and letting it be okay for me to cry. It is a happy cry, not a sad one because being at Kid City has been one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences I could have ever hoped for. These memories will always be with me! Thank you and I’ll see you soon!