Schedule breakdown and instructions


Kid City Welcomes Downtown Professionals to Career Day & Internship Fair!

March 29th: 5:00 - 7:00 pm


Thank you for volunteering, and for helping high school and college students learn and choose a career and or internship by sharing your experience! Here’s a run-down of what to expect:


4:45pm Check in & refreshments

We will start with a career fair at Villa Flores Community Room, located at 1020 South Flower, on the corner of Olympic. Directions follow. When you arrive, we will give you a nametag with your name, place of employment, and career. A student will show you to your table for set-up.


5:30pm Welcome

Move into break out sessions, as directed by staff.


5:45pm Career fair : Breakout Sessions by Field (Two breakout sessions, each 15 mins)

5:45pm Breakout session 1 

6:00pm Breakout session 2



Each breakout session will be supported by an adult facilitator and college facilitator (Kid City college student). 

a. Brief introductions beginning with your name

-        College facilitator will introduce themselves: Name and school attending

-        For professionals: brief (1-2 minute) educational and career background

        (i.e. college(s) attended, majors, current occupation)

-        Students will NOT introduce themselves here


b. Questions and answers:  Students may ask professionals these or other questions.


Sample Questions

-        How did you choose and land your current role?

-        How did your educational experience lead you to/prepare you for your career?

-        How did you choose a major and how did your major benefit your career?

-        What are or were your career goals? What path did you take to get to where you are today?

-        What challenges do you face in your career? How do you resolve them?

-        What volunteer or intern opportunities prepares someone for this type of career?

-        what did you worry about? what was difficult?

-        what was easier than you expected? harder?

-        what was your college experience like -- did you attend multiple colleges, majors, transfers,

         take any time off, study abroad, serve in clubs or in student government

-        what colleges or universities in particular does your field recruit from?


6:30 pm Explore and network

For this last portion we encourage everyone to continue conversations from previous breakout sessions and or start new ones! We want to give you one last opportunity to make connections.


7:00pm Wine with friends at BottleRock!

Right after the event we invite you to a glass of wine at our favorite spot in DTLA!

BottleRock is located on corner of Hope st and 11th st - just a short walk from Villa Flores!


Driving and arrival directions:

Parking is available in the lot on the southeast corner of Flower and Olympic. Please tell attendant that you are there for the Kid City event so that you won’t be charged. Villa Flores Senior Housing, where we will have the career fair, is located at 1020 South Flower. Look for directional signage and enter Villa Flores courtyard through the alley (alley runs parallel to Flower, just south of Olympic). The community room is on your right.