Seeds of Hope

In the past three decades, the Urban Foundation has awarded over two million dollars in “Seeds of Hope” grants to social service agencies, community-based organizations, and grassroots urban projects. around Los Angeles County.

2015 Seeds of Hope grantees included:

  • Mi Familia, a program enriching the lives of youth and young people at Baldwin Park United Methodist Church.
  • Peace Camp at United University Church, and its work with youth and young adults.
  • We Lift LA, helping foster youth make a seamless, successful transition to independent adult living (in Tarzana).

2014 Seeds of Hope grantees included:

2013 Seeds of Hope grantees included:

  • Rising Tide, with academic and cultural enrichment for multi-cultural, low-income families in Long Beach.
  • Power Girl Network, promoting healthy choices for teens living in urban south Los Angeles.
  • Stevens Bryant Youth Organization, providing a safe and positive learning environment, cultural and recreational programs for children in Pomona.
  • The Jobs for Kids program at Holman United Methodist Church CDC helps youth become job-ready and develop their spiritual, social, and economic potential.
  • We Lift LA, helping foster youth make a seamless, successful transition to independent adult living (in Tarzana).

How to Apply

The Urban Foundation has temporarily suspended its Seeds of Hope grants program. We hope to update this page soon, as we look to begin offering small grants again to partners who are also working with urban youth and young adults. 

Past Urban Foundation Grantees

Over the past three decades, the Urban Foundation has made hundreds of grants, including to these fine organizations:

1010 Development Corporation 
Angel Interfaith Network
Asian Pacific American Legal Center
Bowen Community Network
Bowen Memorial United Methodist Church – Friday Night Live 
Bridges Children's Program 
California-Pacific Annual Conference of United Methodist Church
Calvary United Methodist Church 
Central City Community Outreach 
Children Youth and Family Collaborative 
Children's Learning Center 
Claremont School of Theology – Urban Leadership Institute
Crenshaw United Methodist Church 
Dominguez United Methodist Church 
Door of Hope 
Echo Park United Methodist Church 
El Rescate 
Full Gospel Baptist Church 
Hollywood First United Methodist Church 
Hollywood Interfaith Sponsoring Committee 
Institute of Public Education of Southern California (IDEPSCA) 
Jubilee Consortium 
Kiamsha Girls Empowerment Program
Kid City South Park / First United Methodist Church Los Angeles
Koreatown Community Center 
L.A. Voice - PICO 
Lancaster United Methodist Church – Footprints Christian Center 
Los Angeles Community Action Network 
Martin Luther King, Jr. United Methodist Church 
North Long Beach United Methodist Church 
North Valley Caring Services 
Peace Center of the University Church 
Perkins School of Theology
Pico Union Shalom Hispanic Ministry 
Pueblo Nuevo 
Rakestraw Memorial Community Education Center
Southern California Association for Philanthropy – L.A. Urban Fund 
Shalom Ministries Project 
Shalom Zone Urban Development 
Simi Valley Community Care Center 
Sin Fronteras Transitional Skills Project
South Park Neighborhood Center 
St. Mark's Lutheran Church 
St. Paul's United Methodist Church - Project Needs 
Stevens Bryant Youth Organization 
Su Casa Tafesilafa'l 
Toberman Settlement House 
United Methodist Ministries - Los Angeles District 
United Campus Ministries – University of Southern California 
United University Church 
Van Nuys United Methodist Church 
Wesley Foundation 
Wilmore Urban Agency
Zaferia Shalom Zone Agency