Hello Esteemed Community Member!


Thank you for supporting Kid City Hope Place. I have been part of the organization for over ten years as a volunteer, staff member, mentor and now, board member. I keep coming back to Kid City because it is one of the most special places I have ever encountered. 


Kid City gave me the opportunity to create education opportunities for marginalized communities including immigrants, low-income families, and first generation youth. The experiences and lessons I learned led me to become an education and children's advocate, community organizer, and coalition builder. I also had the honor of mentoring hundreds of youth and I became a firm believer that supporting local leaders from different backgrounds and perspectives can truly change the world. 


The community Pastor Sandie Richards created and Anne Hawthorne cultivated has been a powerful source of support, inspiration and wellness for me and thousands of young people, families and caring adults. Kid City continues to grow and develop with dedicated staff, caring volunteers, and a strong alumni base. Join me in supporting amazing youth achieve their dreams and create sustainable futures for them and their families.

Laura Cuellar 777sc

Laura Cuellar